Plot 29

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My husband and I are really not social media people, but I thought it would be fun to use an online platform to share our virgin experience as community garden participants…

We have been on a waiting list for our community garden for about 3 years and this year we finally got in! During summer we often ride our bikes to the garden to check out what’s going on and have kicked around some ideas about what we’d grow- lots of tomatoes, other salsa ingredients, beans, brussel sprouts, herbs… Now that we actually have a chance we are struggling with our list. Our plot measures 4×12… We will have to be selective… And since we have never really grown anything (does purchasing a cherry tomato hanging plant from Petitis count…??) we will also have to do a little bit of research. We are both actually quite nerdy so that will be part of the fun! But first- the preparations…




Day 99



Today we harvested zucchini number 2 and Dave put compost tea he made from our compost on all of the plants.

One of the plants we decided to take out had a zucchini on it so we harvested that one too. We have several others growing and want to see how big they might get.  Dave is planning on trying to save the plants we took out by planting them somewhere in our yard… It really is so hard to let go of perfectly healthy plants! He made more compost tea when we got home. Here are the steps:

1. Fill a bucket halfway with compost.  2.  Add about a half cup of molasses.  3. Place bubbler hoses into the bottom of the bucket.  4.  Fill the bucket with rain water. 5.  Plug in the bubbler. 6. Cover the bucket. 7. Wait approximately 3 days, strain and pour!

You have to use the entire portion of tea for full effectiveness, according to what Dave has read… We can’t wait to see if we notice a difference!

Day 98

imageTonight I took Liam and Julia (Liam’s girlfriend) over to the garden to show Julia how to get into the garden and how to get /where to water. She is going to walk over (she lives next door to the garden- so convenient!) and water while we are in Toronto and Kelly’s Island over the next few weeks. While I was there I spotted these little tiny tomatoes!

Day 93

Happy Fourth of July!! Rode my bike to the garden this afternoon. I took off some dead/dying leaves from the tomato plants, watered, and then noticed how large the zucchini I found last week has gotten! I’m waiting for Dave to come home for the ceremonious occasion of harvesting our first vegetable… I also think I see the beginning of a yellow squash…? There is also another small zucchini emerging:)!

Day 90

imageI dragged Liam with me to the garden Friday morning at 5:30 before we left for Traverse City…! I didn’t want our growing veggies to go without water for too many days…

Day 88




I spent about an hour there today. I started with the sad task of taking out perfectly good plants and cutting some down… The tomatoes and the squash/cucumbers/zucchini were the biggest offenders of taking up space. A few of the pepper plants were completely covered so I cut some leaves away… I took out a couple of tomato plants that we relocated simply because of space, and though I hated to do it I feel good about the space and amount of soil left for the lucky plants who get to stay! One of the most exciting discoveries yet happened today when I found this…

image.jpgOur first zucchini! I weeded and watered and finally picked up all of the scraps and put them in the bucket with the doomed plants.


Day 85

I didn’t have much time today so I only stopped by to water, sans Dave because he left for Traverse City for 10 days.  I noticed today that some of our basil, cabbage and broccoli plants have little holes in them, like they are being eaten by something… I will have to do some research. Next time I come I will HAVE to thin things out. Some plants have leaves that are browning too…